Caught in the Footlights

From the 9-12 of May the Leeming Senior High School Year 11 and 12 students shined in our 2018 drama production. In a sold out 4 nights, Caught in the Footlights traveled from Shakespeare times to Modern Australia. Directed by our own Drama teacher, Isobel Lacy, Marg Hanson and Jonathan De Hadleigh.

The unsurpassed talent of our drama students shined bright every night, and everyone commented on how engaged and dedicated each student was to their role.

Our talented Year 10s treated us to some amazing interludes. We can’t wait to see what you will deliver at next year’s school production!

Thank you for all your dedication, your enthusiasm and that incredible talent which leaves us in awe every time we see you perform.

Behind the scenes, the four days on stage were also very emotional for our Year 12 students . Through their High School years they have spent many hours at the Performing Arts Theatre. Tests, rehearsals, receiving the script for the first time…Many laughs and unforgettable moments. We thank you for your dedication and your incredible talent, and we wish you can continue pursuing your theatre dreams in the future.