Wednesday, September, 27, 2017

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It is important to us that everyone enjoys their association with our school and that they receive the support needed to achieve the best in all they do.  Each of the eight learning areas acknowledges the special gifts and interest that our entire student body possess and strive for in their attainment of excellence.

Our motto, Harmony and Excellence, guides all members of our school community to rise to their potential and care for each other.

Leeming Senior High School is very proud to be part of the local community and our programs here offer our students real involvement and personal growth as leaders of tomorrow.

Our Pastoral Care programs place an emphasis on development of skills, specifically around emotional intelligence, social skills and resilience. 

The Year 7 students undertake a specific resiliency program which encourages the whole family to be involved.  They also attend a one period per week digital literacy program as an integral part of our BYOD program.

As students move through the year groups, they will increasingly specialise in those areas of expertise. 

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