Wednesday, September, 27, 2017

School Facilities

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Community Health Nurse - Dept. of Health

A Registered Nurse [CHN] is based at Leeming Senior High School 6 days per fortnight, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The nurse's core business is to provide health education and health promotion within the school. The main focus of the nurse’s role is to foster self-responsibility so that students are empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices. Other aspects of the nurse’s role involves monitoring those students with chronic illness, acting as a resource person for staff and students, and encouraging health promotion within the school and the wider community.

New students are provided with a health record card (CHS 410) to be completed by parents/care givers and returned to the school. This provides the nurse with information on any health issues or concerns also phone numbers if contact is needed. Action plans for conditions such as Anaphylaxis or Asthma need to also be provided to the school. These are completed by your G.P. The school can provide these and information will be entered on a data base.

Please update this information where necessary during your child’s schooling.

Students are encouraged wherever possible to self administer any medication that they are required to take at school. This includes any possible need for analgesics. It is preferred that a student only bring to school that day’s medication and no more. This action is supported by the DOE health policy. The health centre only stocks emergency treatments.

In the event of an emergency and if deemed necessary, an ambulance will be called for your child. The cost of this will be the responsibility of the parents. The school encourages families to have ambulance cover.

The nurse is happy to speak to any parent who has any health or well being concerns for their child.


Immunisation will take place at school as per government protocols. A photocopy of the student’s immunisation should be attached to the health record card where possible. A Measles School Exclusion policy exists which states that if a child is not immunised against measles and if a case occurs, then the non-immunised child can be excluded from school for 14 days unless immunised within 72 hours of contact with the patient. If the school has no proof exclusion will occur until proof is provided.  It is advised to keep a copy of all immunisation for your record.

Accident Insurance

The school highly recommends that students be covered by a 24-hour Personal Accident Insurance policy that is provided by a number of companies. The school is NOT responsible for the cost of an ambulance should one be deemed necessary.

Skin Care: Sun Protection

Students are encouraged to care for their skin by wearing appropriate clothing (including hats) and using sunscreen creams or lotions when out in the sun. Appropriate sunglasses should be worn. Hats or caps should be worn outside but should not be worn inside buildings within the school. Applying sunscreen prior to school is a worthwhile life long habit.