Wednesday, September, 27, 2017

School Facilities

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Leeming SHS has seen a dramatic growth in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) available for student use since 2010, bringing us into line with the ratio of one computer for every student in Years 9 – 12. During this time, the school had a major infrastructure upgrade enabling our students to access a computer from anywhere in the school via the new wireless network.

The increase in availability of computers has allowed teachers to modify and/or expand their curriculum to include exciting new challenges for the students. Our selection as a Microsoft Partners in Learning Pilot School in2012 gave us the opportunity to learn about best practice in ICT in education and incorporate this into our classrooms.

We recognize the importance of ICT in the everyday lives of our students and are continually striving to find interesting ways to incorporate this into the classroom to enhance the learning experience of our students. With the increased use of ICT comes an greater level of responsibility required from our students.  Students must use the technologies in accordance with our school’s policy, ensuring that they do not misuse it.  Part of our ongoing education of students includes ensuring students are aware of their digital footprint and encouraging students to consider carefully what they say and do online, during school, and out of school time.