Wednesday, September, 27, 2017

Our School Community

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The Leeming Senior High School Parents and Citizens Association welcomes you into a School community which promotes harmony and strives for excellence. As a parent/carer of a student enrolled at our school, you are entitled to become a member of and participate in the activities of the       P & C.

Our Role

First and most importantly the P&C provides you with a School-based Parents’ Forum through which you have a direct link with the School, its Principal, administration, policies and programs.
By participating in meetings you will be able to share in the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information with the School and thereby contribute to the educational opportunities enjoyed by our students.

The second critical role the P&C plays in the life of our School is to raise funds that directly support the high quality of educational programs that Leeming Senior High School offers to all our students.

The P&C also operates the School Canteen, the Uniform Shop and the Book Shop as services to the School Community and to raise additional funds. Each of these services operates on the lowest possible overheads, including employing the minimum number of paid staff. The success these services enjoy however is also heavily dependent on the generous support of parent volunteers.

Any surplus funds generated by these three services are transferred into the P&C General Account and used to provide additional funding for School resources.

The Annual Membership fee is one dollar ($1.00)





Our School Community has a conscious policy of not running major fundraising activities, fetes and raffles during the School Year, so that no one person contributes an excessive amount of their time and effort. Our policy therefore is to ask parents and carers to help us raise the needed funds in two ways:                                                                                                     

1. Voluntary P&C Contributions.

$35.00 per student

2. Donations to the P&C Building Fund.

The monies will be used to renovate buildings within the school, including the Performing Arts Centre.  Past funds have installed air conditioning, and have upgraded student toilets.

Donations to the P&C Building Fund are tax deductible and receipts are issued so deductions can be claimed. Donations are listed on your fee sheets and are much appreciated.


We cordially invite you to become an active member of our P&C so we may work together to sustain our School as a centre of harmony and educational excellence.



P&C Meetings are held throughout the School Year, twice a term, on Wednesday evenings during weeks 6 & 8, commencing at 7.30pm.

All meetings are held in the staff room.