Wednesday, September, 27, 2017

Our School Community

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Our school values strong leadership and we aim to deliver opportunities for students to grow and demonstrate important moral principles. Our Student Council represents the “voice” of students across the school and has a proud history of developing young leaders to their full potential.

The Leeming S.H.S Student Council consists of representatives from each year group. Students are elected by secret ballot supervised by the WA Electoral Commission. Elections are held in November for the following school year, with Year 7 elections being held mid- way through Term 2.

The working structure of our Council is now adopted by many other schools. We use portfolio groups where each student is allocated a particular area to develop ideas and deliver specific projects that they undertake in small groups. Examples of portfolios include Student Activities, Environment, Publicity, Fundraising and Health.

We sponsor a World Vision child (currently from India) and support other student groups who raise money for a number of worthwhile causes. Our council consists of a dynamic group of young people who aim to make a real difference in their school and community. The work undertaken by the Student Council is meaningful and has a positive impact upon the students who attend our High School.