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Dance is one of five subjects that makes up the Performing Arts area.
Dance can be chosen as an elective subject each semester from year 7 through to 10.

The Lower School Dance Program aims to provide students with a broad overview of Dance in today’s society and teaches students the basic Dance skills, techniques and processes. The main focus in lower school Dance Theory is the History and Origins of Dance, the Elements of Dance and Safe Dance. The main focus in lower school Dance Practical is Dance as a form of fitness and Dance as a type of expression. Throughout the practical Dance units students will participate in a variety of Dance genres such as Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Cultural dance.

In upper school, the Dance Course becomes a Certificate II VET Qualification. This is a nationally recognised Certificate that is completed over two years (Year 11 and 12). There are ten units of competency (booklets) to be completed over the two year period and four major performances (one a semester). All students are given the opportunity to work both individually and in groups to complete choreography tasks and must meet the minimum level of skill to complete the Certificate. Any unfinished units of competency will result in an incomplete Certificate. In practical lessons students will participate in a variety of dance workshops including Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Funk and Musical Theatre.

There are many events on the Dance Program's calendar, some of these are The South of the Swan Dance Festival (Term 2), Sydney Dance Camp (school holidays June/July), Upper School Choreography Night (Term 3), Lower School Choreography Night (Term 4).