Wednesday, September, 27, 2017

Enrol Your Child in Leeming S.H.S

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Please be aware that the Out of Area applications for Y7 2018 have closed.  We wish to advise you at this point we will not accept further applications.

Fill in and return this form with the following supporting documents to the school:

• A copy of Birth Certificate or extract
• Immunisation Records
• Copy of last 2 school reports.
• Copy of most recent NAPLAN report and WAMSE results

This is an application for Enrolment only – submitting this form to the school does not mean that the enrolment has been accepted by the school.  The Deputy Principal will firstly need to determine if there is classroom accommodation and whether an appropriate educational program can be provided for your child at the school.  In determining whether an appropriate educational program can be provided for your child at the school, the Deputy  Principal will need to fully consider the information provided in Section 3 on the application form, and taking into consideration that Under the School Education Regulations 2000 that specify enrolment priorities, guarantee is for every student to have a place at a school based on their usual place of residence.
Children whose usual place of residence is not in the local-intake area are accommodated where possible.  If the school has further capacity to accommodate children from outside the local-intake area, after making provision for local-intake area needs, the following selection criteria are to be applied in considering applications for enrolment:

First Priority:  Child qualifying for an approved specialist program for that year. 
Second Priority:   Child who has a sibling also enrolled at the school in the current year (other than siblings enrolled in specialist programs) and who lives nearest the school. 
Third Priority:   Child who does not have a sibling enrolled at the school in the current year, or who has a sibling enrolled in a specialist program, and who lives nearest the school.

Enrolment Form

Out Of Area Enrolment 2017

Out Of Area Enrolment 2018

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