Bullying and Harassment

It is this school community’s belief that all students should feel safe and valued while in the care of Leeming Senior High School. We aim to deliver a clear message that bullying or harassing behaviour is not acceptable in any form in our school. Leeming staff take a proactive stance on this issue with many preventative approaches embedded within the curriculum. Key personnel will action strategies aimed at resolving issues between victims and perpetrators of bullying. In the initial stages of harassment taking place, one of the successful strategies this school uses is “The No Blame Approach to Bullying”.

The No Blame Approach Outline

There are four stages of action, involving a trusted adult Teacher, Year Co-ordinator or Deputy Principal:

1st Incident

• If possible obtain victim’s permission to follow up.
• Conduct separate discussions with victim and perpetrator. No blame is attached but concerns of both parties are highlighted.
• Parents are contacted if necessary and made aware of the discussion (in a positive light).

2nd Incident

• More formal discussion of the incident.
• Parents of both parties contacted.
• Year Co-ordinator and Deputy Principal notified.
• Monitor closely and follow up with the victim in the days immediately following.

3rd Incident

• Contract completed by the bully(ies).
• Year Coordinator or Deputy Principal monitors contract.
• Counselling of bully(ies) individually or as a group.
• Support for victim from Student Services Team.
• Parents of both parties contacted. Year Co-ordinator and Deputy Principal included in process.

4th Incident

• Case Conference with Year Coordinator, Deputy Principal, School Psychologist, Parents, Bully and the person being bullied.