Leeming SHS Senior Girls AFL Team is the East Freo White Zone Champions 2018

Leeming SHS Senior Girls AFL team has been competing in the Schoolgirls’ Football Freo Dockers Cup for 2018. The team was included as part of  White Division East Freo Zone with games against All Saints College, Cecil Andrews and Rossmoyne.
By winning all three games we were eligible to go to the Quarter Finals with the Grand Final scheduled to be played under lights at Cockburn Stadium, home to the Fremantle Dockers. We want to be there!

During the season our team played with energy and enthusiasm, desire and passion to win the footy and put a winning score on the board. My thanks go to the majority of Year 12’s in the team who have enjoyed representing the school over the past two years. To the year 11’s who now need to carry the baton into next year as well as my junior warriors from year 9 and 10, I would appreciate you keeping the fire burning as we prepare for 2019.

Our journey to Shenton to play on June 12 was a celebration. The camaraderie, passion, joy to get to play again was electric. The team was met by overcast and cloudy conditions hinting at rain but this does not stop any team from Leeming. As the coach issued the last instructions and the team settled into positions we knew it was going to be a tough game.

The girls battled hard all day, winning some fierce contests, tackling hard, willing the ball into the forward line with some tough defence. Eventually Shenton over powered the Leeming team managing to score several times in quick succession. In both halves Leeming were able to hold the Shenton team in patches but their skilled players, some representing the Claremont Youth girls team, held the Leeming attack scoreless whilst amassing 7 –  8 (50).

Post-game the teams shared fun times of a hard fought battle, Shenton knowing that to win was good whilst the Leeming girls also celebrated of a season we had just completed and doing so well to get here. We are a top 8 Schoolgirls football team and the songs on the way back home to Leeming can attest to the fact. Leeming will be back in 2019.

Thanks to all the parents and families who attended our games, to staff supporting the students and the to this Leeming school community which continues to produce quality students who live our motto of Harmony and Excellence whether it be on or off the football field.

Congratulations Leeming Schoolgirls Football team you are the East Freo White Zone Champions for 2018.

Mr Welsh.