Back to Back Wins by Grady

The House Cross Country Event was held on Wednesday 1 May 2019 with 56 students competitors nominating across Years 7 to 12. Senior School students completed two laps of the 2km course around Peter Ellis Reserve and the school boundary. Year 7-9 students completed 1 lap. Grady once again triumphed with a clear victory on the day with all other house groups closely matched for the other placings.

Final Points

Grady 88

Ramsdale 54

Findlay 49

Aulberry 48


Year Group Champions 2019

Year 7 Winners         Sash H-R.  – Grady

Jack S. – Ramsdale

Year 8 Winners         Caitlyn A. – Aulberry

Angus M. – Grady

Year 9 Winners          Tia M. – Grady

Roabert H. – Findlay

Year 10 Winners         Blair J. – Ramsdale

Year 12 Winners         Lacklan B. – Ramsdale

Jade G. – Grady