Please refer to the Boundary Map to determine whether your application for enrolment will be IN AREA or OUT OF AREA.

The Department of Education and Training has designated Leeming as a local intake area school. Under the School Education Regulations 2000 that specify enrolment priorities, guarantee is for every student to have a place at a school based on their usual place of residence.  Enrolment decisions in public schools are made according to criteria based on age, residential location, visa status and educational needs.
Our three local Primary Schools are Leeming, West Leeming and Banksia Park. If your child is attending one on these local schools and their usual place of residence is not in the local-intake area, your application will be an OUT OF AREA application.

Please call our school for information on:

• Students from Overseas
• Students with Disabilities

The Principal may decide to cancel an enrolment if enrolment information supplied is false, misleading or out of date.

If you have any enrolment questions not answered in the website you can contact our Enrolments Officer.

Useful Links:

Boundary Map

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Out of Area Enrolment Form 2020 (to enrol in the 2020 School Year)

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