Japanese Specialist

Japanese Specialist Program

The Japanese Specialist Program is one of only 31 Approved Academic Specialist Programs with the Department of Education. Specialist students have the opportunity to be part of an innovate and challenging languages program designed to equip them with essential communication skills, an intercultural capability, and an understanding of the role of language and culture in human communication.

Students who are part of the Japanese Specialist Program attend two hours of Japanese classes per week, and are able to participate in the following extra-curricular activities:

  • Two-week Immersion Program at Leeming Senior High School with visiting Japanese high school students. 
  • Two-week Japan Tour (running biannually, applications open to Year 9-11 students)
  • After-School Enrichment Workshops
  • Various incursions and excursions arranged throughout the year exclusively for Specialist students

For more information please download our Prospectus below.