Charges & Contributions

For payment of Charges relating to School Charges, Voluntary Approved Requests, Year Book or Voluntary Contributions please click here.

For Direct Deposits see account details below:

BSB 066 163

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Excursions & Incursions

For payment of charges in relation to both Excursions and Incursions, including School Ball or other external activities, please click here.

For Direct Deposits see account details below:

BSB 066 163

A/C 0090 0019

Payment FAQ's

Q: If you call some charges ‘Voluntary’, why should I pay?

Answer: As per the Department of Education guidelines students are entitled to participate in an educational program that satisfies the requirements of the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Online. The Department of Education allocated basic funding to each school according to the number of students and gives Principals and School Boards the autonomy to increase resources to their core subjects and some elective subjects.

The School Education Act 1999, School Education Regulations 2000 and Department policies establish that schools can request up to $235 in Voluntary Contributions as these extra funds allow us to provide critical additional educational resources in our core subjects and some elective subjects. Every cent is allocated to the invoiced School Year and is used on that year so that it benefits your child directly.

Although its name seems to indicate they are inconsequencial fees, the Voluntary Contributions allow our teaching staff to enrich their programs with what we believe are vital educational resources for the classroom.

Q: What’s the difference between Voluntary Contributions and Voluntary Approved Requests?

Answer: Voluntary Contributions are allocated to resources requested by the teaching staff for their classroom.

Answer: Voluntary Approved Requests are costs that the School Board has deemed necessary to keep the school in good standing and condition. In past years Voluntary Approved Contributions have helped the school purchase items such as:

  • Lockers
  • Bus Shelter
  • Library Shelves
  • Furniture in brand new Media Room
  • Year 7 Area with table-tennis table and Barbecue
  • Professional coffee machine to allow our students to work towards a Barista Certificate
  • Software packages for a range of subjects