The Academic Extension Program is a school-based enrichment program which offers academically oriented students a range of learning experiences to meet their specific talents. We provide an extension program in the areas of English and HASS.

Every child should receive a challenging and enriched curriculum but for academically oriented students, lateral extension is not enough.  The Leeming Senior High School Academic Extension Program provides an enriching curriculum which is differentiated in the pace, level and degree of abstraction.

We aim to:

  • Create a climate where students can take risks and make mistakes.
  • Establish a positive working environment.
  • Scaffold learning through explicit criteria frameworks.
  • Negotiate and engagement with collaborative learning.
  • Value and promote intellectual pursuit.
  • Construct a relevant and connected curriculum.
  • Facilitate student learning.
  • Encourage students to achieve excellence.

The teachers working in the program make a commitment to provide a challenging teaching/learning program.  The success of the program can be measured in the number of students who have achieved an ATAR ranking above 90.

Leeming Senior High School Prospectus

Specialist Academic Programs Policy

Application Form:

2021 AEP,STA,Japanese Application Form and School Reference Form

See our Enrolment page for the In Area Enrolment and Out of Area Enrolment Form as well as our School Prospectus.