Science and Technology Academy

STA - Science and Technology Academy

The Science and Technology Academy at Leeming Senior High School is an Approved Specialist Program within the WA Department of Education. 

We aim to:

  • Provide academically gifted students, with an interest in STEM, an inquiry based approach to learning through specialist Science, Mathematics and Technology teaching programs.
  • Provide an extensive co-curricular program of enrichment and extension STEM activities, facilitated by specialist program coordinators, designed to foster academic achievement, a greater interest and participation in the many facets of STEM.

For more information please download our Specialist Programs Prospectus below.


Students can obtain membership into the Science and Technology Academy in one of the following two categories.

  1. STA  Specialist Member (selected through academic entry testing.
  2. STA Associate Member (available to all mainstream students



Specialist Programs Policy and Code of Conduct
Only to be sent signed to the school once the application has been successful.

Specialist Programs Application Form