Quality Education

Each of the learning areas at Leeming Senior High School acknowledges the special gifts and interests that our entire student body possess and strive for in their attainment of excellence. Our curriculum offers a full range of academic, vocational and creative pathways. We encourage all individuals to reach their full potential.

Above all, we recognize the importance of helping our students grow an ongoing love of learning and to prepare them to use critical and analytical thinking which will empower them to adapt to this ever-changing world.

Students are engaged with compulsory courses which vary depending on the year and are given the opportunity to select courses from The Arts, Languages other than English, Music, Technology and Enterprise, Business and Information Technology.

Each year level offers a variety of electives to support the student’s education and prepare them for the educational pathway they want to follow. Please click on the Year Directory for more detailed information.

Subject Choices ( Click on the year link for the corresponding year directory) . Directories for 2023 subject selection will be published later in the year.

Year 7 Directory 2022

Year 8 Directory 2022

Year 9 Directory 2022

Year 10 Directory 2022

Senior Directory 2022

Please see our Enrolments page for full details on the enrolment process.