The Leeming Senior High School Library is a one-stop shop where information, technology, teaching & learning services are seamlessly integrated.

Displays are an integral part of the library and displays of students’ work in particular are very popular, with students from all learning areas showing a very high quality of work in many different media forms.

Year 7 Digital Literacy Program

The Year 7 Digital Literacy & Inquiry Skills programme helps students become independent, critical thinkers who are able to apply digital information processes and practices to their learning.

This involves building an awareness of the digital age we live in and focuses on learning skills & processes to use digital resources effectively and responsibly and to begin the confident use of lifelong, transferable skills needed in the 21st Century technological age.

Students can download Microsoft Office 365 through the Department of Education website which gives students free access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote. All you need is your school email address.