Welcome to Science

The Science Department at Leeming Senior High School aims to encourage our students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the four main aspects of Science which include Chemical, Physical, Biological and Earth and Space Science.

The development of Science Inquiry and critical thinking skills are embedded within the curriculum. Students will develop their ability to design and conduct investigations, analyse data to draw conclusions, critically evaluate claims and communicate in a scientific way using their scientific vocabulary. We want our students to understand the principles and practice of Science, and its relevance to the real world.

There is a broad range of co-curricular activities on offer through membership of the Science and Technology Academy (STA). STA is an approved Specialist Program within the Department of Education.  

Members of mainstream who have not entered the school through the STA Special Programs application process can have access to all that the program has to offer by joining as an Associate Member of STA. Associate Members have access to the full range of co-curricular programs and activities on offer while being a member of the mainstream Mathematics and Science classes.

Becoming an associate member of STA allows you to partake in the following activities :

  • Science After School
  • Robotics
  • Scitech incursions
  • Excursions to Murdoch University
  • Competitions: Big Science Competition, National Australian Chemistry Quiz, the STAWA Science Talent Search and the Science iQ competition.
  • Camps to Yanchep and the Gin Gin Observatory and Gravity Discover Centre.
  • Interstate and international tours to Canberra and the USA & Space Camp.

Upper School

Students in Upper School (Years 11 & 12) can choose to do further studies in Aviation, Human Biology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at ATAR level. Students wishing to pursue a non-ATAR pathway have to opportunity to continue their studies in science through the General Integrated Science and Aviation courses.

Students pursuing ATAR courses in Aviation, Biology and Human Biology have the opportunity to participate in excursions and incursions which focus on particular aspects of the course. These opportunities are designed to provide practical, hand-on experiences. These include ecological survey techniques in Unit 1 Biology, animal classification in Unit 1 Biology and Human Biology Unit 3, flight experiences in Aviation ATAR and General courses.

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